Cleanroom Lifts

Atec Lifting Devices (ALDs) are unique systems for operations in the sterile area.

Cleanroom lifts developed by Atec Pharmatechnik are unique lifting systems for applications in classified cleanrooms. Pharmaceutical substances for oral and parenteral applications, such as powders or liquids, are transferred into an insolator or RABS via a vessel.

Our lifts can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted to ensure a precise, space-saving and automated positioning of these vessels.

An additional axis of rotation can be added to allow three-dimensional movements, optimize ergonomics, and thereby improve operations in both temporal and spatial design. A camera system guides any type of container or vessel to be docked to the isolator or RABS in a repeatable process, and in any cleanroom classification.


Specifications & Options:

  • Designed for cleanrooms with complete enclosure of all motors and sensors using stainless steel paneling
  • Precise movement and positioning by gear drives using frequency-driven motors
  • Safety assurance using motor brakes
  • Flexibility using modular attachments for vessels, containers, and bags
  • Ceiling, floor, or wall mounted
  • Rotating lift column for three dimensional movement