Atec Transfer Systems

Rapid Transfer Port Systems for safe and sterile transfer of components


Atec Transfer Port - ATP

The Atec Transfer Port acts as a closed transfer lock to enable sterile transfer of components into and out of isolators and RABS. A unique locking system was developed to guarantee both operator safety and product integrity. The ATP cannot be opened unless the Beta port is correctly docked. This also means that the Beta port cannot be undocked unless the port door is completely and correctly closed.

Technical data

  • Standardized transfer diameter of 190 / 270 mm
  • Available in rotating and nonrotating options
  • automated or manual operated
  • MOC’s 316L stainless and HDPE door
  • FDA certified silicone lip seal
  • Atec interlocking system for mechanically safe transfer
Atec Autoport 190 - automated door opening / closing
Atec Transfer Port Rotating 190 - ATPR190
Atec Transfer Port Rotating 190 - ATPR190
Atec Beta Port Container
Complete Solution for transfering components
Atec Pressure Cap
Beta Port Key


Compatible Beta Port Accessories for Rapid Transfer Ports

  • Beta Port Container

  • Atec Pressure Cap

  • Beta False Container

  • Beta Ports

  • Beta Port Key


Atec Betaport Container (ABC) - Low weight, Large Volume

Due to its unique shape, the Atec Beta Port Container is larger and lighter than any comparable container on the market. The container is easily docked to the Alpha port with the Atec Handling Systems.

Atec Betaport Container
Funktion der Atec Pressure Cap

Atec Pressure Cap

The Atec pressure cap protects the beta port flange from dust and exposure when not in use.


  • Reduced weight
  • Easier and faster to use
  • Improved hygenic design